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Caleidoscope® is an experienced, pharmaceutical-grade manufacturer that makes durable, high-quality vaporizers at an affordable pricepoint.

We Make Hardware and Machinery That Brands Rely On.

Caleidoscope leverages its integrated supply chain and innovative manufacturing to provide consistent, reliable hardware and machinery at an affordable price point. With our knowledge of the industry and manufacturing expertise, we are confident that we can find a solution that works for your business.

Precisely Engineered Airflow
Precisely Engineered Airflow
Precisely Engineered Airflow
Ceramic Cores
Ceramic Cores
Calibrated Ceramic Cores
High-Quality, High-Performance
Prizm Automation Machinery
Custom Solutions Made Easy.

Caleidoscope® provides a level of customer support that goes above and beyond any existing manufacturer.

With a relentless focus on performance, quality and value, you can expect consistent hardware at a reasonable margin.

Our services enable you to focus on building your brand and scaling your business. 

Built By Industry Experts.

As experts in cannabis and manufacturing, our team understands the challenges, and we are committed to growing the industry as a whole.

Through our expertise, accountability and reliability as a partner, we aim to empower brands with the essential hardware and machinery innovations they need to thrive.

We would like to speak with you in order to provide the best possible solution for your needs at the best possible price.

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