World's First Fully-Automated Cartridge-Filling Machine.

Increase quality and efficiency with machinery automation—created by manufacturing and cannabis experts.

Existing systems lack efficiency & scalability.

Existing cannabis manufacturing solutions lack the efficiency and scalability necessary to allow an operation to maximize quality and profit.

The world's first fully-automated solution.

Prizm Mk2 is the world's first fully-automated solution for the cannabis manufacturing process. Loading, filling, and capping is as simple as pouring the components into a feeder. Prizm Mk2 produces a perfectly filled and sealed cartridge in seconds.

Prizm Automation changes everything.

Caleidoscope's Prizm Mk1 is a fully-automated cartridge filling and assembly system designed for live resin, distillate and CBD mixtures. Prizm eliminates the risk of product degradation, while alleviating bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the cannabis manufacturing process with the world's most advanced cannabis automation technology.

No mishandling or product degredation.

Caleidoscope also designed Prizm specifically to work more effectively with the types of materials used in cannabis lab, so you don't have to worry about mishandling or degradation of products.

A cost-effective growth solution.

Grow your cannabis operation more effectively with Prizm and discover how easy it is to maximize output and minimize cost, without compromising quality.

Increase efficiency without increasing staff.

Skip the load trays and manufacturing line and simply pour the cartridge and cap components into separate feeders; Prizm will do the rest. Increase efficiency without breakdown of cost for people needed to operate other machinery vs. Prizm. Lower costs due to less need for manual labor at each stage of the process, plus bottlenecks that slow down production and add to cost.

Caleidoscope Prizm Mk2
Product Type
Cartridge Filling System

Automated cartridge filling and assembly system designed for live resin, distillate and CBD mixtures. Temperature controlled, pressure assisted with error detection designed for single operator function.

Assembly Speed
1000 units / hour (depending on oil viscosity)
Oil Capacity
1 or 5 liters
Injection Mech.
Pressure assisted ceramic pumps
Temp Range
35C up to 70C
Power & Space
System Size
4 ft x 5 ft (varies by configuration)
Working Space
10 ft x 10 ft
Power Input
220V, 8A
Support Equip.
Heating Circ.
Yes, Included
$3,000 (standard, varies based on hardware order volume)

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